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Round Angle Advisors - New York, NY

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What Makes Us Different

Combining the resources of a large organization with the attention of a boutique firm, RoundAngle Advisors strives to create a truly personalized experience for every client. There are several reasons why our firm stands out from other wealth management firms:

A Diverse Team

Our team of professionals have diverse backgrounds and advanced designations, including the Chartered Financial Analyst®, Certified Public Accountant and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. Beyond our internal team of experienced advisors, we also form strategic alliances with those whose mission aligns with our own: to offer the highest level of service, expertise, personalized attention, and inspired solutions. For tax planning and estate planning assistance, we can collaborate with your other professionals, such as an attorney or CPA, or professionals we have relationships with.

Trusted Relationships

Honesty and integrity are key in every relationship, especially one between an individual and their advisor. You are entrusting an advisor with some of the most personal details of your life - your finances and your future goals. We do not take this responsibility lightly. We uphold a strict fiduciary commitment, meaning we are ethically and legally responsible to remain transparent, unbiased, and objective in all of our recommendations and strategies. You can feel confident knowing that your needs and best interests are at the forefront of all of our decision-making.

Concierge Service

We aim to offer a higher level of service, taking a proactive role in your financial life. We don’t simply provide financial advice; our goal is to help you formalize your objectives, understand your opportunities, confidently make decisions, and stay on track with your strategies.

Creative Solutions

Too often, wealth management firms rely on cookie cutter approaches. In utilizing a holistic process, we strive to do the opposite: develop novel solutions to each person’s complex suite of issues. We excel at building creative and multidimensional strategies that address all angles of your financial life, from your current situation to your goals five, ten, and twenty years down the road.

Lifelong Guidance

We make a lifetime commitment to every client with whom we work, treating you like a member of our family. Whether you prefer to work closely with us or rely on us to do the heavy lifting, we offer you the level of service and interaction you desire.


We want you to understand the recommendations we make and the strategies we develop. We take the time to educate you on the intricacies of financial planning and how you can take control of your financial future. Through education, our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions and feel confident with the strategies we create for you.